The George Lengauer Volunteer Service Award

George Lengauer, President of Seven Loaves from 2006-2012

George Lengauer, President of Seven Loaves from 2006-2012


A Tradition Of Service

Just as it is impossible for Seven Loaves to open for food distribution on any given day without the constant forethought, execution and service of Volunteers, the Pantry owes its very existence to good and hardworking people who met in the social hall of the Middleburg Methodist Church on November 16, 1993, determined to provide assistance to those in need in the Middleburg area. That group included the ministers of the local churches, the head of the Lions Club, Lou Grilo, the volunteer firefighter Ed Swain, Nancy Manierre of Middleburg FISH, Harry Lane, Bill Thigpen, Dot Pearson, Joanne Glascock from Long Branch Baptist Church and Sister Ran.

Since then, countless numbers of Volunteers have kept our doors open and our shelves filled including, until recently, the dedicated Melanie Maloney and the indomitable Julia Stewart. While each has been invaluable to our mission, a plaque in the main hallway of the Pantry honors six individuals who have evidenced extraordinary devotion to Seven Loaves during the past several years: George Lengauer (2013); Edward "Snooks" Swain (2014); Carol O'Malley (2015); Julia Neely (2016).

The plaque now bears two new names, Jane Kates and Ed Kovac, honored this year as Volunteers of the Year 2017.