Designated Donation Programs

Emergency Meat Supply

We depend upon our Grocery Store Donors for the servings of meat, chicken or fish that we offer our Patrons and are occasionally able to purchase frozen meat products, at very reasonable prices, from the central food bank to which we belong. Both of these sources can, however, prove inconsistant. Thus, we attempt to maintain an emergency meat supply in one of our freezers so that our Patrons can always be offered a protein-rich main dish. A Seven Loaves "EMD" (Emergency Meat Donor) makes this possible by either directly donating frozen products of this type (1/2 pound of hamburger, small package of fish product, small package of chicken breasts, etc.) or by making a cash donation designated towards this program.

Winter Produce

The generosity of two, local Farmers' Markets allows us to consistently offer fresh fruits and vegetables to our Patrons during the growing season. It's a challenge, however, to meet this important nutritional need during the winter months. Gifts of oranges, apples, and root vegetables or cash gifts designated for this purpose are greatly appreciated.

Thanksgiving Turkeys and Christmas Hams

Loafers are, of course, often turkeys and hams! But, the Pantry is filled, literally, with them every November and December when we attempt to help our Patrons' holiday menus reflect the traditions of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We are so grateful for gifts of frozen turkey breasts or small turkeys or small, canned hams or cash donations designated towards the purchase of these products.

We pack as many of our Patrons' groceries as possible in clean boxes that we salvage from grocery store donations, but paper bags- a lot of paper bags- remain a daily necessity. Seven Loaves' "Bag Ladies" and "Bag Gentlemen" subsidize this expense ($129.00 every three weeks for good, market quality bags from a vendor we trust) by designating a cash gift towards that expense.

Paper Bags

Providing nutritious food to needy men, women and children is the Pantry's only mission. However, like pet owners everywhere, our Patrons will give their own food to their dogs and cats, if nothing else is available. A Volunteer, working with the Middleburg Humane Society, is helping us to alleviate this problem by providing us with sample size packages of pet food. But, Seven Loaves' "Canine Companions" and "Feline Friends" fill in the gap for us, either with direct contributions of pet food that is easy to distribute or with cash gifts designated towards such purchase.

Pet Food