Procedures and Protocol


Our Practices

In addition to striving, always, to supplement the weekly food requirements of our Patrons with fresh and wholesome grocery items, Seven Loaves has traditionally taken pride in offering personal and gracious service in an efficient manner and in a clean and safe environment. In this regard, Volunteers are encouraged to review the distribution and protocol traditions outlined in the PATRON section. Because of the unique nature of our work, however, it is necessary to take special note of the following policies: 

1. The right to personal privacy of our Patrons must be maintained and the information we learn about our Patrons through our work at the Pantry must be considered confidential.

2. The Pantry's commitment to fair and equitable distribution practices must be respected. Thus, absent extraordinary circumstances, distribution limits may not be exceeded and Volunteers may neither offer nor positively respond to requests for favoritism.

3. Patrons are not permitted in the Pantry prior to 9:00 a.m. and are not permitted beyond the weighing station of the Pantry prior to being personally called in for their food distribution. Their assistance in stocking shelves or in the Hold cannot be accepted.