Pantry Patron Protocol


Our Standards

Three times at week, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, as many as thirty- five families, many with small children, six to eight Volunteers, three trucks delivering grocery store donations, and two to four individuals with personal donations descend upon the five small rooms of Seven Loaves. As you can imagine, care must be taken in these circumstances. Thus, over the years, Volunteers and Patrons have found it important that we all adhere to certain standards of behavior. These include:

1. We park only in designated parking spaces and we do not park in the Pastor's or the Church Secretary's reserved parking spaces;

2. We treat each other with care, consideration and patience and we respect each others privacy;

3. We understand Seven Loaves' commitment to equitable distribution. We respect the distribution limitations and do not expect nor request nor offer favoritism;

4. We respect the Pantry's facility and protect the Church's property. We clean up after ourselves. We dispose of trash and cigarettes properly. We clean up spills immediately. We put things back where we found them;

5. We watch our language and mind our manners.

6. Patrons are permitted entry to the Reception Area at 9 a.m. Patrons may not, however, go beyond the weighing station in the Pantry prior to being personally called in for their food distribution.

Flagrant or repeated behavior that is contrary to these standards will require the denial of entry and service.