Easter Baskets

Thanks to Middleburg Emmanuel Episcopal Church and Middleburg Access National Bank, we were able to give the children we serve beautiful Easter Baskets again this year!  We are so grateful for the time you all put in to making these adorable baskets for us.


Thank you Young Men's Service League, for filling our shelves with cereal!

Middleburg Humane Society

We are up to our ears in pet food, thanks to an abundant donation from Middleburg Humane Society!  We often forget that pets are family, and they too need to eat.  So thank you for your donation of 693 pounds, so we can help feed our furry friends in need. 

Winchester Harley Davidson Strikes Again!

The Winchester Harley Davidson crew strikes again!  They donated 2,067 pounds of canned goods and produce, and we are so thankful!  Thank you, to the Winchester Harley Davidson group for your continued support.

Our Shelves Are Filled!

We are so thankful for all of the food donations! It is a blessing to see our shelves full, so we can continue our Mission to feed those in need.