Harley Davidson of Winchester

Every year we are greeted by men and women in leather jackets on motorcycles and with them, thousands of pounds of food! We want to give a BIG thank you to Winchester Harley Davidson Group for donating 1,032 pounds of fresh produce, turkeys, holiday fixings, pies and canned chicken breast this Thanksgiving!

Scouting for Food 2018

Thank you Scout Troops 1737 and 910 for collecting 2,225 pounds of food! We also want to give a big thanks to National Charity League and Foxcroft School for their helping hands during the food drive.

Happy Halloween!

We want to thank Long Branch Baptist Church, Emmanuel Episcopal Church and St. Stephen The Martyr, for making our Halloween Treat Bucket hand out a huge success this year! We wanted to make sure that the children we serve received a trick or treating bag or bucket filled with goodies for the holiday. We were able to assemble and hand out one hundred and one buckets and bags filled with breakfast bars, fruit cups, fruit snacks, pretzels, chips, juice boxes, pencils, stickers, toothpaste and tooth brushes!

Fill The Bus

Wakefield School hosted a food drive for us on October 10th! Each grade competed to see who could donate the most food and had the goal to fill a bus. The Windy Hill Foundation was kind enough to use their bus for this, and every seat was filled with food. Thank you Wakefield School, for donating 600 pounds!

Almost A Decade of Gleaning

We strive to provide fresh produce to those we serve all year long, and that is made possible by the generosity of local farmers’ markets. For eight years, four farmers from the Warrenton and Archwood Green Barns Farmers’ Markets have been donating excess produce to Seven Loaves from May to November, and we appreciate every pound we receive!

On Saturday’s, the Gonzales Farm and St. Anthony’s Farm have anything from tomatoes to cantaloupes perfectly organized and available for our driver to pick up at the end of the Warrenton Market. On Sunday’s, Santa Cruz Produce and Hess Family Farm at Archwood Green Barns provides us with produce such as eggplants and the record breaking 1,000 plus pounds of peaches donated last year! All of these farms are family owned and operated. They understand the need in their communities and give not to get recognition, but to provide their nutritional harvest to the fullest extent. These farmers have become a part of the Seven Loaves family, and we appreciate not only their beautiful produce, but their friendship as well. These farmers ask for nothing in return, but our volunteer drivers show their appreciation by helping break down and cleaning up the stands at both locations.

We would like to thank the Gonzales Farm, St. Anthony’s Farm, Hess Family Farm and Santa Cruz Produce for being a vital part of Seven Loaves’ mission! Your donations help further our goal to provide fresh and nutritional food to those in need.

4th of July Goodie Bags


The 4th of July is a time for celebration and picnics, and we wanted to provide our Patrons with the holiday essentials this year.  Young Men's Service League, Middleburg Charter School, Aldie Elementary School, and Middleburg BB&T helped make this possible by having food drives for us.  They collected ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, salad dressing, plates, cups, and cutlery.  Volunteers from Seven Loaves and Young Men's Service League then assembled the goodie bags filled with these items, so we could distribute them to our Patrons for the holiday.  We thank everyone for donating and assembling these great bags!  This was a creative way of expanding our mission to feed those in need!

Upperville Colt and Horse Show 2018 Results


Thank you volunteers, competing barns, generous donors, and Wiseman and Associates for another successful year at the Upperville Colt and Horse Show!  We had 10 barns compete this year: Ali Wolff Farm, Didi Matz Farm, CB Farm, Newstead Farm, Skyland Farm, TuDane Farm, and Winsor Farm.  Our top three winners were Spring Ledge Farm in third place, Ramiro Quintana Farm in second place, and Woodhall Farm in first place.  We raised $1,127 at the Great Barn Charity Challenge.  

Woodhall Farm was awarded a grooming stall that was donated by the Roux's, and Ramiro Quintana and Spring Ledge Farms were awarded bottles of wine donated by Slater Run Winery.  We, and the winners, appreciate these donated prizes!  

A big thank you goes to Barbara Roux and Wiseman and Associates, for providing a tent for us at the show and fundraising for our mission.  We thank the UCHS event coordinators for welcoming us to the show and being so accommodating.  We are also appreciative to the caterers that donated 700 pounds of leftover meat, produce, and cheese from the event.

We are grateful for our team of volunteers that gave their time to help at the show throughout the week.  They did a wonderful job representing who we are as an organization!

Lastly, we thank all of the donors for supporting our mission.  Becuase of all of this, we are able to continue feeding those in need in Middleburg and the surrounding area.