Donating to Seven Loaves


Helping Our Mission

Every item of food we offer our Patrons is the result of a donation to Seven Loaves. The stability of our food supply and the freshness and wholesomeness of that food is because generous Donors have recognized our need for refrigerators and freezers. The cleanliness, safety and functionality of our premises is due to Donors who make it possible for us to maintain our facility and equipment.

Food product donations may be as gracious as several dozen eggs brought into the Pantry by a local woman when her hens are laying, or as extraordinary as several thousand pounds of canned chicken and albacore tuna when the Winchester Harley Davidson men and women pull into our driveway. Cash contributions, with which we are able to purchase food products at pennies on the dollar and that allow us to pay the electric and plumbing bills, may take the form of spare change dropped into a Pantry donation box at a local store or be a $20.00 bill, brought into the Pantry each Christmas by a man honoring his deceased wife, or arrive as a check in the mail, written for a substantial amount by a generous individual or organization.

Each type of donation is invaluable to our operation and to our Patrons' ability to feed their families. We're grateful and beholden. And, we do assure every Donor that we treat each of their gifts with respect befitting that gratitude.